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Are You Chasing Real Results Or Just The Facade of Success?

Yesterday I stumbled across an excellent article by Adam Bernard called 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Pitching Smaller Music Blogs. As both a publicist and owner of a small music blog, the title caught me instantly. Within just a few hours of sharing it on social media, it was getting a ton of attention from not only my industry friends, but artists as well. For the first time in a long time, I felt like a positive change in the industry might be under our noses. If bands could recognize the value in small outlet press, it could be a game changer for everyone.

And then it got me thinking—even with all of these excellent points that Bernard makes, things that publicists and many industry professionals know to be true, there will still be bands who insist that if they’re not gracing Alternative Press or Paste, it’s simply not worth it. But why? Is it just hard wired into our minds to shoot for the brand name target, even if there’s solid proof that the homegrown, independent little guy is actually our best bet? Are we so focused on the name over the quality that we’d sacrifice actual, true results for the ability to wave around the name “Huffington Post” or  “New York Times”? It makes you wonder. Is what we’re after really long term, hard earned, tried and true results, or is it just the facade of success?



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