On Being Thankful

As the Black Friday sales come to an end, and we begin to finish off our leftovers from Thursday’s Thanksgiving feast, I’m finding time to be thankful. And while it’s true that we should be thankful everyday, and in small ways I suppose we are, the truth is that we get lost in the day to day of life, and the whirlwind of responsibilities and chaos that we face on a daily basis. We get sucked into surviving and we forget to enjoy the living. Of this, I am most certainly guilty.

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for a few things. I’m thankful for all the normal things like a loving family, good friends, health, and a roof over my head. But I’m also thankful for the things that I don’t give nearly enough credence. I’m thankful for the passion that burns in my soul, that drives me forward each day, getting me closer and closer to my goals. I’m thankful for the artists I work with, who allow me to live my dream each day, and welcome me to be a part of theirs. I’m thankful for crisp fall air, and warm summer days, and that I got to spend 4 months out of my year traveling the US and Canada. That I had the fortune to see cities I never imagined I’d see, have experiences I never dreamed I would, and meet people from all walks of life. I have met people who will never know how much they’ve impacted me, and people who I try to tell every day. Yet it will never be enough.

This time of year, I want you to all be thankful for whatever it is you have, be it large or small. I want you to cherish it and know that none of us are owed anything and that everything we have means something. And then I want you to turn to those people, to those things that make you most thankful and make sure they’re acknowledged. In the spirt of giving thanks, let’s make sure our voices are heard and our potentials realized.

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