The Importance of Community in the Music Industry (IE My Love Letter to Balanced Breakfast)


Balanced Breakfast San Francisco. Photo credit: Jared Swanson

You know what this industry is lacking? Community. A true community spirit where people want to help each other because they genuinely care, because they want to see one another succeed, and because they recognize that we all need each other. We need more people willing to help out because it’s the right thing to do, because we all need help sometimes. And we need less people who are only out for themselves, and who can’t see the value in helping others, unless it feeds directly into their own gain. Luckily, something like this exists. It’s called Balanced Breakfast, and it will change your life.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I could talk incessantly about Balanced Breakfast. But what is BB? In short, it’s a community of musicians and industry professionals that meet regularly to talk shop. Originating in San Francisco, but now operating in over 7 cities in the US and Canada, BB is a safe space to ask questions, share knowledge, and most importantly, support one another. It is the most beautiful community I’ve ever been part of.

When I first moved to San Francisco in December of 2013, I have to admit that I was really struggling. I was far from home, just starting my own business in the music industry, and I didn’t know anyone. I came across Balanced Breakfast on a whim, and almost immediately it became my anchor. I no longer felt alone. In fact, with each new meeting, I made new friends, some of whom eventually became artists of mine under Muddy Paw PR. But that’s the thing. These people were always friends before clients. In fact, even during and after our time working together, they remained friends first. They were people I looked up to, people I could grab a coffee with, people whose shows I genuinely wanted to see, not just because I liked their music but because I liked who they were as people. Because I wanted to support them and likewise, they wanted to support me.

That’s the thing that’s always been so magical about Breakfast. It’s a community first, and a networking group second. It’s a safe place to ask questions and get industry insight from people who genuinely care about you. And let’s face it, we need more of that in the music industry. We need less of this childish, cuththroat behavior that we’ve all faced, and more willingness to help one another and thrive together, not separately. Because when we all come together, we can get a whole lot more done than when we strike out on our own.


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