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Favorite dessert ever? Smores. Who can say no to all that sweet toasted gooeyness?!

Have you ever woken up first thing in the morning and thought “oh my god I get to eat THAT today!! I am SO excited!!”

or maybe

“I can’t wait to pack my suitcase for (insert dream destination)! I am going to do all the things!

If so, you and I are going to get along just fine.

I’m Angela, and if there was a sweets anonymous, I…would not be a part of it because honestly who wants to stop eating treats? I’m made up of a few small things–the love of all things cozy and cute, an appetite for adventure (but like, in a very safe, controlled way. You won’t find me backpacking around Europe and hiking mountains or staying in hostels. I did that when I was 20 but at 33, I’m a little more into controlled chaos and cute cafes than adrenaline fueled adventures).

I started Treats and Travels in 2022 as a way to keep a diary of me and my husband’s adventures over the next few years as we (hopefully) explore corners of our own backyard as well as take trips overseas. He’s always loved traveling and is a lot more adventerous than me (he would totally climb a mountain) and has traveled to places like Japan, China, Thailand, Australia, Scotland, and more. As for me, I’ve roadtripped across North America a few times, lived all across the US (and Toronto!) and spent time in Finland (my very first trip at 20!), Iceland, and together my husband and I visited Venice, Italy. (it’s where we got engaged!)

But besides our love of experiencing new places together, I’d say our favorite thing is actually eating. Yes, eating. I literally wake up in the morning excited for whatever meal I’m planning to have that day, and it’s 95% of the reason I do anything–I’m in it for the treats.

So, what better way to keep track of our two favorite things–treats and travels–than to start a blog?

And if somewhere out there, someone connects with this or even just feels as downright obsessed with the most minute food centric things I do, then that’s all good with me. 🙂

Thanks for being here!



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